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Couldn't relate more :D

I write for myself, and if others find it interesting/useful, that's a nice bonus. I like to blog about new things I am learning because it's a way to make sure I understood something correctly. Usually, two things can happen:

  • someone with more experience will correct me if something is unclear or wrong.
  • someone with less or similar experience will ask a question about something in the article. If I'm unable to answer the question, that's a pretty clear tell for me that I might have missed something.

But, yeah, no schedule about all that. I write when I have time to learn... I can go weeks without being able to write an article :D

I'm afraid sometimes these things go into the you are not a real developer if ... you don't blog 3 times a week, or contribute to open source, or something else...

Good article :)


"I write for myself, and if others find it interesting/useful, that's a nice bonus" This exactly for me as well. I write so I do not have to remember things. But I know I did something and I wrote it down somewhere, o yea, my blog. If/when/maybe someone else finds it useful, cool bonus.


Ugh I hate that "you're not a real developer if" mentality. It's gatekeeping and shaming at it's worse. If those people really cared about helping others improve, they would say "I think you'd be a better developer if" and gave honest feedback. Someone can write serious every day or casually once a month, they're both still developers :)

Glad you liked the post so much!

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