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re: Ahem, in a nutshell: about programmers The average salary of an American is $7K USD per month The average salary of a Chinese is $2K USD per mont...

I am not familiar with McDonald's salaries. But 7k seems like a higher income that what you would get at a fast food flipping burgers no?

About these studies, keep in mind that only a third of the respondents freelance full time. I am not familiar with the Chinese or Hindi freelancers market job.

Thanks for the numbers :)
May I ask the studies on Chinese and Hindi freelancers rates? Very curious to read about that!


Of course, the salary of Mcdonalds is an exaggeration or is it not?

But let's say that somebody flipping burgers earns $10 per hour. And 270 working days per year, 8 hours per shift, 10x270x8 = $21k per year or about three times what a Hindi earns.

And you could find more information on the net. However, I suggest you find information on UpWork (Upwork+low+pay for example).

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