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re: Hey Dan, what do you think about mobx and mobx-state-tree? As state management solutions. Actually I knew about mobx because you tweeted about it, ...

I think it’s great that people find them useful! Personally I’m not a fan of APIs relying on mutability because they make certain fundamental problems harder. For example we’ll need to work with MobX to figure out how to keep them compatible with async rendering in future React versions. It’s probably solvable but mutability makes such problems harder.

I’m also not a fan of wrapping real JS objects and arrays into shims that pretend to be them. I understand why MobX does this but I’ve always considered the ability to work with “raw” objects one or the biggest strengths of React, and I don’t want to give that up.

As for mobx-state-tree, I haven’t looked much at it so I can’t really say. The “fluent” API style is offputting to me but that’s just a knee-jerk reaction so I may have missed important benefits behind it.

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