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Discussion on: Your thoughts on React Hooks

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Dan Abramov

simplicity is better than complexity.

I don't think anyone is arguing with that.

I think having one standard way of doing something is better than 2

Agree! If Hooks prove to be better, in the longer term we'd like to deemphasize class components until they can be out of sight, out of mind.

let alone the increase in the library size

The increase in library size is not very significant — something like 3%. However, in practice your app eventually might actually become smaller because code using Hooks minifies much better. This example is a bit extreme but gives you an idea:

I never had any issues with the class components, in fact, it's much easier to pick up.

It's not just class components, but also patterns like render props, higher-order components, etc. I don't think all of them together are very easy to pick up.

These frameworks never standardize they keep on changing, for no good reason.

Hooks solve real problems. It’s a pretty bold accusation that we change things for no reason — could you elaborate on which motivations you disagree with? We think there are very good reasons, and we have shared them both in the documentation, the talk, and an article. More concrete arguments would be helpful.

I think I'm going to either switch to Polymer because it's very small and simple or leave web dev completely. What do you suggest?

I would suggest to get familiar with motivations for solutions when criticizing them. Criticism is extremely valuable. But it’s hard to provide good criticism when you’re not familiar with the problems.