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Discussion on: SEO in Nuxt.js with the Head Property

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Daniel Bächtold

Hi Debbie,
Thanks for this article. I tried head() and then thought ih would be very helpful to be able to use the current title (or something else) in the app's title bar (in the main layout).
Is that possible or totally the wrong way?

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Debbie O'Brien Author

Hey Dan, not sure I fully understand what you want to do. Feel free to send me an example or a screenshot.

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Daniel Bächtold

OK thanks!
I have a PWA which always shows a title bar. This is some of the code in layout.php:

  <v-toolbar-title>{{ title }}</v-toolbar-title>

I'd like the {{ title }} to be whatever has been set with head().

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Alexander Lichter

Hey Dan 👋🏻

AFAIK you can't retrieve the document's title from vue-meta directly :/