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re: Microsoft can buy Skype, LinkedIn or other products used by bilions of people. Can buy also GitHub, but is forgotting that github is first of all a...

Thanks @deep_erx .

I am highly looking forward to whether Linux source code will stay on GitHub or not(meaning how the Linux community will react)


The linux source was never on GitHub. The repo you linked is just a mirror of torvalds moster tree. It would not even be possible to develop a software like linux on GitHub

Ah, I wasn't aware that it was just a mirror.

just out of curiosity
Would you mind sharing why it'd not be possible to develop Linux on GitHub? (because I have never been involved with such a big project before)

There are many reasons, but I think the two most important are:

  • Linux does not have a single source of truth. Yes, there is the tree of Torvalds, but thats just for the mainline development. Every company developing Linux has their own trees. They may merge commits off the Torvalds tree and vice versa, but most of the time those developments have different goals (ie Ubuntu vs embedded car media system). GitHub is too much tied to one source of truth.
  • Pull Requests. Githubs way of receiving contributions is via Pull Requests. For a development with lots of different contributors and maintainers, this does not work. A contribution to the graphics system goes through at least to levels of maintainers that provide feedback, before it goes to Linus for final merge. Having all contributions for all parts in one place would be too much.

Thank you so much.
I was able to glance at what such a huge project involves.

Having all contributions for all parts in one place would be too much.

That’s nonsense. If anything Github has a bunch of features that make it easier to keep track of forks.

The point is, a fork in the Github sense is to provide changes to thr master copy. As Linux as multiple masters, having all contributions go zo one master copy does not make sense


If Linus has an rms-like reaction, they'll probably bolt. OTOH, there may be business reasons to stay.

The Linux on github repo is just a mirror and MS is very Linux friendly (Windows now has WSL)

Not to mention they’re a platinum member of the Linux Foundation...


i don't think Microsoft can remove the Linux source code from GitHub given they are working on their own Linux distribution

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