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re: Abstraction: Joey's Mom: "Joey, what do you want for breakfast?" Joey: "I dunno, Mommy... I feel like something sweet and crunchy." (Abstract clas...

Ace! Thanks Carlos 😄

Thanks Carlos. But I got a doubt.
As per my understanding, We can implement on interface and inherit from abstract classes right. So SweetAndCrunchy is an interface not abstract class.
Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Yes, you are right: the "implements" implies SweetAndCrunchy is an Interface.
But we were talking about the concept of abstraction, versus the concept of encapsulation.
"Abstraction" means you are talking about the idea of a thing, and not the concrete thing itself. "Encapsulation" means you can't change the inner workings of the thing.

Abstraction is accomplished at several levels. An Interface is the most abstract level of abstraction there is. To keep it simple, I wouldn't go now into abstract classes because those have very specific technicalities.

Thank you for the clarity explanation.

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