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Discussion on: Do you schedule time and tasks for refactors?

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Sung M. Kim • Edited

In Complete Developer Podcast episode 138, Understanding Technical Debt two hosts (Will & BJ) discusses 3 types of technical debts

  1. Short Term
  2. Mid Term
  3. Long Term

Technical debt do occur and unfortuntely causes a long term debt.

A famous example of paying off the Long Term debt was React Fiber (v 16).

React team worked on it for quite a long time to refactor their code inside and out and it was trackable on Is Fiber Ready Yet?.

And now they are adding new features left and right

In an ideal world, you'd refactor constantly following the boy scout rule, leaving your code better than you found it.

But in practice, how many times have you had one of those, high priority tasks/issues and even higher priority issues on top of that?

For last two weeks, 👆 is what happened to me. I wrote terrible code and quite ashamed of it. But when you are given 2 days for a week long project, sometimes debt should be accrued to put out the fire 🔥 IMHO.

And yes, I will pay off the debt accumulated last 2 weeks starting tomorrow