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Have you ever watched a coding live stream? What did you like about it, and what do you wish they did differently?

I've watched people coding live on Twitch and ...
😀 LIKED: Interactivity
😞 DISLIKED: Can't watch it at 2x speed & you can't figure out what the streamer is thinking unless everything is said (just like in remote interviews)

Maybe I am missing out the whole point of live coding as the focus should be the communication.

Have you ever live streaming your coding process? What tips do you have?

I tried a few times on Twitch but my computer & internet speed wasn't able to handle the software (OBS Studio or XSplit).

The comprise I did was run the software on PC & remote into a laptop for coding. Still didn't work out.

So the only tip I can provide is to use a fast machine (could be subjective depending on your configurations).

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