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Hello Klaus,

Recently in the Selenium IDE github, someone asked a valid question about Selectors and modern JS frameworks like react of vue: github.com/SeleniumHQ/selenium-ide...

Relevant for my question is:

As a result using ID for selectors is now considered a bad practice to select elements, and bad practice to create a page out of components (it's not unique most of the time).
Using these data-test selectors allows for less brittle tests, and they clearly signal that messing with a certain element can cause a test to fail.

At the end, they added: data-test and data-test-id to select as well elements.

Also, in the Selenium/WebDriver website they comment that there is support to select react components, based on their name: webdriver.io/docs/selectors.html#r...

As a passionate for automated testing, what's your view on this? Would you say that using these are a good alternative to use?



Hi Daniela,
Thank you for taking the time to write that comment.
Yes, you can easily write a stable CSS Selector or XPath based on a certain attribute and the value of that attribute. It's ideal if you have an attribute like data-test or data-test-id, but very few web applications actually have those.
If someone would start a project from scratch, I would definitely encourage them to implement and use data-test or data-test-id attributes.


Hello Klaus, thanks a lot!

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