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re: What are common pitfalls devs are currently experiencing with storybook?

I think there are a few scenarios where people experience frustrations with Storybook

New to Storybook:

Setup: Getting started can get quite complex when it comes to webpack and babel config, especially for users who have components in an existing codebase. Adding support for things like LESS, TypeScript, etc. can be pretty complicated to someone who isn't familiar with frontend build systems. We've been discussing ways to mitigate this, through better documentation, presets, etc.

Advanced users:

Documentation - Storybook has been designed as a development environment first and a playground second. I've been experiencing an increasing need for Storybook to play the role of documentation as well. It makes a lot of sense to keep documentation and code as close as possible, and using Storybook to do this has been a point of discussion during our roadmap meeting for a while.

Customization - We recognize the need to customize the Storybook layout, theme, and everything in between. Storybook can be a branding or component playground for many organizations, and it makes a lot of sense for the rest of the Storybook interface to have the same feel and experience. The theme feature coming in 4.0 is a good first step towards that.

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