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A simple "token blacklist" is not enough. It works for logouts, yes, but there are at least two other events in which you want to invalidate jwts:

  • a "log out all devices" event (manual button, password change)
  • a "user no longer valid" event (user deletion)

For those you need to be able to blacklist users and user-date pairs. The user blacklist can be a simple check against the user database to see if the user exists and is active, the user-date can be a check against a date in the user record indicating the date at which Tokens become valid,and if the token's iat field is before that, it's invalid.

Of course, checking directly in every request is costly and defeats the purpose of jwts, so think carefully if you could just use an opaque token and check against a white list instead of a black list.


Thanks, Daniel!
The final solution, of course, depends on the app's needs :) But this was definitely a useful addition! Most likely one should handle all those cases in a fully functional app.

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