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re: Semantics: A JS object is a collection of properties, keys that map to their respective values, with keys that can only be strings or symbols. It d...

Maybe length is the wrong term, but it's perfectly reasonable to define an object's size the way it's done in this post.


Thanks for chiming in Daniel! Now I can see why Lodash chose size instead of length 😅

Notice also that JavaScript itself is choosing size for types like Set or Map: size is a more generic (and mathematical) name that suits more needs better, but nitpicking and pedantry aside, length is perfectly a understandable (and I keep using it for Sets and Maps until I remember that's wrong).

Clarifying meaning isn't pedantic.

Using size and capacity instead of length on data structures with dynamic lengths was done before JS.

There was probably a discussion somewhere, where they argued for/against both.

Python implements len() as a function with the magic method __len__ precisely to have one consistent way of retrieving an intuitive "length".

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