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First, I liked the "everything is asynchronous" way of working of Node.
Then, I loved Promises because it made async code a first-class citizen.
Now, I'm just completely and absolutely sold on async/await and won't change it for anything.

Seriously, with Promises I could maybe accept they were glorified callbacks in most situations. They're really not, but well, ok, you like callbacks, that's fine. But with await, oh my god, that's another world. I used to write functions to emulate while loops with promises, but now? now you can write loops with promises!! It's awesome.

So yeah, thank you for this article, more people need to know the goodies of async/await.


I found observables more sound, because they make everything work like an array on steroids.

But I have to admit, abstracting async behavior behind an array-like idea is a bit much to swallow for the regular dev. Making it accessible via constructs like loops is much easier to grasp.

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