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re: But TDD specifies that you are supposed to test one thing. It is not as the name suggest, put down any test in any way and then build. Following TD...

Yeah, you exercise one piece of the behavior, then move to the next one. I was not in that level of detail while stating my claims. I just assumed it was not needed. My bad.

Even exercising one piece at a time you can bloat you code and make it very hard to make specs for it, to make changes on it, etc. So in a nutshell and as an overview, I'm saying that you will do the design that you know and that can be bad or good. TDD doesn't care. It will not stop you from doing it. It is different from a MVC framework that states you need to make the controller name same as the view folder or something like that, this is opinionated. TDD is not like this. So, there is not a promotion to a certain kind of design.

This kind of design is promoted by our field itself. Not by TDD. This is my argument.

Hope I've made myself clear now as english is not my native language. Sorry for any mistakes and misunderstandings. Cheers.

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