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Discussion on: FactoryGirl was renamed FactoryBot

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Daniel J. Summers

I don't know - I hear "factory girl," my first thought was the women who stepped up during WWII when their husbands were off fighting. I was unaware of film by that name, which doesn't look as... er, empowering; seeing its release date, this could be the inside joke. Then IMDB reveals that it was produced by ... drumroll ... The Weinstein Company. If that was the joke, this rename makes perfect sense.

FWIW, Rosie the Riveter is listed on the Wikipedia disambiguation page for "Factory Girl", so my first thought wasn't wrong.

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Originally it was a reference to the Rolling Stones' song.

I have, until this day, never heard this song. I'm aware of it, yes, but I didn't grow up listening to the stones so it meant nothing to me.

Therein lies the root cause of the rename. The original name was wide open to multiple interpretations - the song, rosie the riveter, etc. The reference was ultimately lost on a lot of people, therefore leaving it open to misinterpretation, confusion, and ultimately discomfort.

The original intent was coming from a harmless place but if the reference doesn't land then it's troublesome.

They did the work to reach out to people, to ask folks what they thought, and the feedback they received urged them to make the change.

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Daniel J. Summers

I looked through some of the issues after I submitted this comment; I get why they changed. And, I certainly don't begrudge anyone calling their libraries and projects whatever-the-[fill-in-the-last-word-as-you-see-fit] they want to; I've renamed three of my own sites over the past month.

My bigger issue is probably more cultural (and maybe even generational). I hear "factory girl" and I think of something positive, something empowering, where women stepped up and learned new skills in support of their nation during a time when others weren't around to do it. Others hear it and think of someone running around serving coffee (at best - at worst, it would be the "seduce the guy with the stable, good-paying job"). The latter is an obviously offensive image; but yet, rather than correct the perception of the image - turning it into a net positive of women excelling at things no one even thought they could do before they stepped up and did it - we'll just avoid the whole thing by renaming it.

Of course, that argument is predicated on the name being based on WWII happenings rather than a 60's rock song (which I still haven't heard, as I type this). There's an even deeper argument there about education and history, but that one's probably way more divisive (and off topic) than The Practical Developer is designed to host. I guess it just makes me a bit sad that an opportunity to recognize that strength and innovation is lost.

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Lukasz Muzyka

Couldn't agree more.