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re: I recommend taking a look at this project istio.io service mesh.

From what I read on istio.io, it seems to run on top of Kubernetes? For service discovery, wouldn't raw Kubernetes be sufficient? However, this would mean to re-architect the infrastructure anyways, especially when it does not yet run on containers. Maybe there is something more lightweight if you don't want to go all the way? (Although, when there are more problems to solve, such as load balancing, failure recovery or scaling, it might be totally worth it.)
I'm not working in the web space, so I can not give a recommendation.
Kubernetes has been a free-time endeavor so far.

Sorry this is pre k8s. I am aware that K8s will solve this issue. We will be jumping on ACS soon to be AKS but need a tactical solution until that materializes. Thx...

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