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re: Why build your own Nginx service, as opposed to writing an Ingress and deploying an Ingress controller?

Like Michael already answered, the Service with an externalIP was a very simple solution, while an Ingress is much more complex. Actually, I wouldn't even know how to use an Ingress e.g. on a minikube or a local cluster that does not have a dedicated load balancer. It might be worth a look, but currently my priority is: 1) finish CI for multiarch images, so that you can deploy kube-alive on ARM and amd64 without changing anything in the manifests (almost done) 2) fix the security problems I mentioned in the article and 3) add more experiments, like observing live how a rolling update happens. Then, at prio 4) I might add support for GKE, AKS and EKS.

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