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re: Every corner case or circumstance that your function can be called in should be tested I agree with this ONLY if we’re talking about a library th...

You're totally right. The statement came out a bit too pedantic, and yes, I was thinking more of code used by a wider audience. Because, from my usage experience of libraries in dynamic languages, I've learned that it is very frustrating when you accidentally passed in the wrong type, just to get seemingly random error messages four calls down the stack. And that partly confirms @combinatorylogic 's statement "most of the tests for the primitive dynamically typed languages are nothing but a poor men substitute for a type system.", although, as I said, I don't think that the tests that do substitute a type system are too much of a burden.
Again, I'm talking about widely used code here, not your team's shared libraries where you can tap the original author on the shoulder to get help with it if it spills out gibberish error messages.

You're doing it the right way then, good! I'd always take integration tests vs. any amount of unit tests. The problem is with all the people who perceive weak typing as an invitation to write tons of pointless unit tests, I'm sure you've seen it happening a lot.

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