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Discussion on: Daily Challenge #308 - Wave Sort

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DanielT404 • Edited on

I've come up with the following C# solution to this problem;
O(n) time complexity

public class Kata
  public static void swapElements(int i, int j, int[] inputArr) { 
    int temp = inputArr[i];
    inputArr[i] = inputArr[j];
    inputArr[j] = temp;

  public static void WaveSort(int[] arr)
    int anchor = 0; 
    int explorer = 1;
    bool isAnchorWaveSorted = false;


    while(explorer < arr.Length) {
      if(!isAnchorWaveSorted) { 
        swapElements(anchor, explorer, arr);
      isAnchorWaveSorted = !isAnchorWaveSorted;
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Mihail Malo

Sorting is O(n log n) - O(nĀ²) depending on if you allocate additional space.

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Jeffrey Desir

I'm not knee-deep in algorithm optimization having tasted the instant-gratifications of web development, but this resource was neat to me ~