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Installing OpenSSL on Windows and adding to PATH

Danilo Vieira
NodeJS, ReactJS & React Native lover SpaceSquad Mentor at Rocketseat
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Let me guess... You just open the Flipper and it shows that you do not have the openssl command on your PATH and you have no idea how to do this, right?
All right, keep calm, drink a coffee and pay attention to the following steps.

Downloading and unzipping the binaries

You need to download the openssl binaries. This basically will execute the openssl on your computer.
Click on this link and the download will begins.

Now, unzip your file on some folder (i recommend you to do this on C:\ directory) and rename the unzipped folder to openssl just for organization.

Adding to PATH

Is very quickly and simple do this.

  • Go to your environment's variables, you can just search this on Windows menu;
  • On this window, you will do all on User's Variables, NOT on System's Variables. Scroll to path option and click on it;
  • Select the Edit option on bottom side;
  • Select the New option on right side;
  • If you did as I suggested (unzip the openssl folder on C:\ directory), then you will paste C:\openssl\x64\bin, otherwise, paste the path to the openssl folder until the bin folder as openssl\x64\bin.

Now all its done. Click Ok on all windows, open your terminal and type openssl version.
If it doesn't shows the openssl version, reboot your computer and try again. if it still doesn't work, do all steps again and
if it still doesn't work, let me know in the comments... I will be happy on help you ^^.

Discussion (2)

raphabarreto profile image
Raphael Barreto • Edited

Actually, if you have Git Bash on Windows, you just need to point the Git/usr/bin folder location on System Variable Environment in Path location.

Great post 🙏

ankur_khandlwal profile image
Ankur Khandelwal • Edited

Hey, I tried each step but still, OpenSSL is not installed. You can check out the attached screenshot [].