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Discussion on: There's no such thing as a full stack developer

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Dan Conn

It's a pretty interesting piece, thanks. I would argue that there are full stack developers, however probably not as many as we think there are.

For me a full stack developer is someone that can can produce accessible HTML, wonderful CSS, great Javascript, have a good knowledge of backend systems, and also can write DevOps scripts. i.e they can work on the whole stack.

I have worked with people like this and they are truly awesome, but they themselves would pull a funny face at the thought of being considered a "full stack developer", they just see it as writing and fixing code. They're often pretty tech agnostic, they also often don't think they're doing anything special.

For me, I will always be a backend developer that dabbles in some frontend tech. I can use JavaScript but I have no idea about React and Vue, I can do CSS but have no knowledge on SVG, I can do basic responsive design but I do struggle with it. I'm pretty sure most devs that do identify as full stack probably are more likely backend Devs that dabble in frontend or vice versa. Also I think that's probably what most companies are looking for if they were being honest with themselves.

Less labels more code!!

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Tim Author

Excellent point of view, Dan!