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Discussion on: Learn to Code (for Free)

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Danny Dore Author

I took a systems programming class, and that class fascinated me so much because we learned how to write programs like copy in C. It was so interesting because you got to see how terminal programs/commands are made.

The way you learned Py is awesome, and it is how I learned JavaScript to the ability that I know it. I was like I want to build X and I need to use these tools to develop it and it was a slow learning process, but I loved the idea of thinking of building something and using the tools to get there.

I learned Python from "The Self Taught Programmer" by Cory Althoff. I was a beta reader, so at the time I received a free copy of the book. From there, I was really interested in data analysis, so I started learning packages like NumPy and SciPy and Pandas.

There are so many ways to learn coding, and people should pursue the best way that works for them. I just provided traditional routes in this guide because I know they are effective for most people, and I really am a fan of every resource I mentioned.

Thanks for sharing your story and thank you for clicking on this post and reading it!