Time to Give Thanks!

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My Project
With COVID-19 out there, nothing is the same anymore. Expressing gratitude towards people that are putting their lives at risk to take care of others, deliver your food, teach your children, is something not to be forgotten during these challenging times.

Myself, along with my friend Kaushik Mahorker and Kamesh Vedula, wanted to spread more positivity to recognize and appreciate the frontline workers that have been essential during the pandemic. To do that, we ended up creating GiveThanksNow, where people can leave messages of gratitude and encouragement to our heroes on the frontlines, be it a simple thank you or something even more than that.

Website: Give Thanks Now
Stack: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JS, Firebase
We wanted to make it simple and decided to use Bootstrap, HTML/CSS, JS, and Firebase to get our MVP out there and ready to use. We are constantly looking for ways to further improve the website and add more features to show our appreciation for the members of the frontline.

Issues that came up: After we launched the site, we realized our Firebase was not as protected from getting injected than we thought and we ended up fixing the issue within an hour by looking further into the Firebase rules and documentation and ensuring someone can't attack us again.


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