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Discussion on: What Advice Would You Give to Your Younger Self?

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Dan Stockham

If I could go back to a time when I first started with programming and also going to developer meetups, then it would be don't trust people who seemly have good intentions. And when they are about to pull off their con game, call them out. And make sure you're in a position where they can't bring you down with them.

Also, I would tell me myself to trust the people who's self-interest are completely transparent even if it is selfish. And it's for two reasons: 1.) I can see their ill-intent a mile away and can plan for it and 2.) They're goals can be easily steered into serving the greater good (the group as a whole or the community at large)

This could of saved me from a lot of broken hearts and would've put a lot of good people I've known in better situations.