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Discussion on: Tech interview & Social media presence 😑😑😑

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Dan Stockham • Edited

I think back to 2015, social media was the sleeper move to securing better jobs because you were able to acquire a higher authority over a tech domain due to sheer popularity amongst the platform. At one time having a Linkedin profile meant you were more effective at job hunting than the traditionalist that simply submitted resumes.

But I think it's starting to become a clichΓ© that an applicant simply has to have a social media profile. Almost to the point that HR departments are making this a standard process (even if means exploiting the candidate)

It's one of the reasons why I deleted my Linkedin profile after several years of building it up. It's no longer a way to get your resume in front employers that are looking to hire good talent but, a way to enforce a universal political agenda of said organizations. See who falls in line or not.

I think the next edge in this era now is being able to build your own platform and using that as way to attract potential employers to hire you. The development industry may not be getting saturated with workers but the amount of mediocre talent has increased enough that it's hard to stand out in social media.

At least with your own online real estate, you're not fighting against moderation rules that aim to keep people the same. And being able to build a solid platform that has a homegrown aesthetic appeal is going to command a higher authority that was once achieved in the heyday of social media.

When you ever have to put in your social media profile in the job app online, you can alway put your about me page from your web site ;)