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Discussion on: How to run VS Code on the server!

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Vincent Milum Jr

I contribute to about 20 different repositories. Curious, how would this setup handle that? Would I need a new instance of this per repository, or could vscode access multiple machines like it can locally? Also, is this limited to docker/Linux? I run windows and FreeBSD in my environment, curious to know how this would Translate, too.

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Alex Rodriguez

in theory you should be able to access different repo's, but you should also be able to use something like this plugin: to aid in repo switching if needed.

also, it looks like they package all the dependencies in a docker container so if you wanted to run it somewhere else, you would have to make sure all the deps are installed on the target machine. aside from that you should be able to run it in a vm (or vagrant box) with relative ease on windows/freebsd. looks like freebsd is trying to get it working: , and for windows you should be able to use docker desktop.