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My first language was BASIC. But mind you, this was also in the 90s. But even today, I honestly believe that BASIC should come back as an introductory computer programming language.

BASIC is pure, BASIC is simple. BASIC is easy to understand as a human, as the entire focus is on the words, rather than symbols.

Also, in terms of sheer awesome power, QB64 exists and has full OpenGL support for gaming now. VBA exists in Microsoft Excel and can be used to do complex data manipulation (it has full ODBC/SQL support).

If all you want is a job for the time being, yeah, HTML/CSS/JS will fit this. But if you want to understand more of computer fundamentals and have transitional skills, I highly recommend people to learn other areas of deeper systems programming. Not everything is a web app! In fact, not much at all is. This is just the area with the hype. But who maintains the OSes? Drivers? Firmware? Kernels? Applications such as web browsers? Servers? User Interfaces? Networking infrastructure? There is a whole world of technology out there with hot and exciting jobs, but people entering the industry now who are pushing head first into web apps without any exploration outside of it fall into a false sense of ideals of how computers and technology actually work.


I don't disagree that a deeper understanding of different computer systems and interfaces would be extremely beneficial. I also understand that web development is not the only nor the largest area of development, but it is the most accessable and understandable. People can see and interact with the web which makes it simpler to comprehend than a kernel or other more complex computer subsystems. I recommend web as a place to start, not necessarily a place to stay. That being said, I think it is a brilliant place to be in development right now.

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