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I work with different people from different countries, for some English is not their native language and sometimes they struggle to convey their message across but as a native English speaker myself I try and help them get what they are saying across, yes they may be unable to express themselves to the extent they can in their native language but they make an effort to improve.

One way I think one can improve with English, is to make conversation, practice English where you can and ask people to correct you if they need to. Also watch children's TV like sesame street where you can pick up some important aspects of language.

When going for interview about 70% of it is how you come across to the interviewer and not being able to fully express yourself can cause you not to get the job at the end, management need to know that you can work in a team with no issues and can communicate effectively.


Thank you for your advice.
I will try increase the opportunity to speak in English :D

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