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Project management sprinkled with productivity and a dash of self-improvement

The vision of combining project management with productivity and self improvement.

Self improvement: Become more capable to do the work

Habits: Adopt healthy habits to have more energy, healthier body and mind that can accomplish more in less time

LifeHQ Journal

Journaling: is only helpful if you do it consistently. Record your daily activities, the parts that matter to you at least, and then review your daily journals every week into your weekly journal.
This is the fastest way to detect if you are spinning your wheels being busy and not going anywhere or you are on the right path. If moving forward, notice if it's the right direction and course correct if needed.

Project management: Organize the work

LifeHQ project management

Everything can be set as a project, losing weight, building a business, starting a podcast, organizing an event.
Any goal that you have, once you make it concrete, becomes a project.
Organize your goals into projects with specific tasks, deadlines and documents.

Use the master list every night to plan the tasks for the next day.

Productivity: Do the work, more focused and productive

LifeHQ productivity

Use the advanced pomodoro cycles to work in small focused work periods. Smaller periods are easier to guard against distractions and to get focused.

Who is it for

Obviously anyone can benefit from becoming better, getting organized and working faster.

But not everyone will do that. Some people are lazy and others can’t get out of their current routine. Others already have a system that’s working for them and that is also fine. It is important to know who your product is not for as well.

Two groups of people will benefit the most out of LifeHQ

Group 1: You have a system but it’s broken

Usually the ones that already have a system are people who know that productivity, organization matters and they have things going on in their lives.

Entrepreneurs and Freelancers

People working for themselves and trying to get their business off the ground.

They have tried a lot of productivity apps and tried to combine them into a system for managing their lives.

Probably have 3 or 4 different apps but end up using only the ones they have to, the ones with the actual work. All the habits, journals and pomodoro apps are forgotten after a few days, because they are nice-to-haves not must-haves.

LifeHQ solves this problem by luring you in with the project management module but once you’re there it is so easy to write your journal, check off your habits and spin a few work cycles.

Group 2: No system whatsoever

In this group I will put students but also anyone that is in a new environment and wants to prove him or herself.

Students at the beginning of their studies need to prove themselves in College or University.

Students at the end of their studies beginning their first job must prove themselves in the new workplace.

They will understand LifeHQ much easier because they have no previous bad patterns and experiences with productivity systems.

Proactive software

Proactive software goes beyond mere functionality.
It helps you become a power user as quickly as possible.
As a result you get the benefits that you signed up for much sooner: productivity, organization and consistency.

How LifeHQ is proactive

  • LifeHQ is built as an out of the box system ready for use in 2 minutes.
  • All 4 types of journals have different templates so you are never caught staring at a blank screen not knowing what to write.
  • LifeHQ knows what you need to accomplish today and offers morning, midday and evening reminders that notify you what is left for the day.
  • When you login for the first time you already have a project created with real tasks for personalizing your system with your goals, projects and habits.
  • Introductory tours: All modules have introductory tour that explain everything you see on every page.

To skyrocket your productivity, finish your projects and simply accomplish more try out LifeHQ for free.

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James Schleigher

Interested in trying this soon! I'm using project management software, and I never go back because it keeps me productive. I like to use Todoist or Quire because they are simple and have many features.