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Discussion on: How do you catch and log errors of production web apps?

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Robin Kretzschmar Author

So many subjects in your answer, I love it!
In the past I always stick to the error logs I could see on servers and tried to think of possible errors upfront and handle them on the code.
Then a lot of react side projects came in and I learned about the Error Boundary.

I have a couple of apps running smoothly. But one in particular had reports of strange behaviors and almost every case could be tracked back to data issues.
But it was hard to get proper feedback from users and I was searching for something to catch unhandled errors, be able to push my handled ones too and get not only a stack trace but also some context which user it was, what his actions roughly were before and so on.

I totally agree with you that it would be best to implement my own logging. But because this is just a side project I wanted to have something with less effort. I am even okay with sacrificing the luxury of custom handling if an existing library or service would enable me to implement it rudimentary.

I am testing bugdnag at the moment.