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Discussion on: Check that spelling, please! (code review chronicles)

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Robin Kretzschmar

I'm based in Germany. We have several German only projects with only German colleagues, as well as many international projects with colleagues from other sites and different languages.
We always code in english no matter what language the project is in or what the native language of the participants is.
I'm also a fan of pointing out and correcting those mistakes. I am thankful when someone points these out for me as well.
So I agree with you!
The reason is simple: as non native it is an opportunity to get better at it and for all of us to be more professional.

I was reading an article about why it is hard for Germans to get the English grammar right recently.
The German and English languages are related. They are both Germanic languages. This makes it difficult for Germans, because certain wrong sentences sound right to us.
Example: I hear "I'm doing Homeoffice" quite often in the office. Everybody will get what's meant but correct would be "I'm working from home".

There's this very interesting article (written in German) which explains the similarities and the pitfalls:

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Davide de Paolis Author

thanx for your comment. I read the article and is very interesting! I will look for something similar for Italian. With Italian I often see there is a mix with german and English mistakes: sometimes the false friend is in German, but works in English sometimes it's the other way around.
Many years ago in a small web-agency in Italy I remember we were coding in Italian, it was awful, (especially because many methods and props ended up being a mix because English is often shorter or less verbose... ) and when I started working here I was very relieved coding in English - until I found some old pieces of code - or worst - comments and documentation written in German ( still I enjoyed that because it helped me to learn quickly the Sprache!)

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Robin Kretzschmar

I see, even the italian language is a romanic language, there are some pitfalls when translating from/to German.
As a German it feels natural to read some documentation or code in German (I guess it's the same as an Italian?) but especially with technical topics and terms I tend to go with english because often there is no good transaltion for english terms regarding technologies and is clearer to use the english word. Also to prevent misunderstandings. So for learning another language it could be beneficial, but to build a common understanding of things, english is preferred.
Just as you stated in your post, it is very important to point out even the slightest mistakes :)

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