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Discussion on: Just a Big Tech Girl, Working in a Low Tech Business

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Robin Kretzschmar

So you actually keep the place running, right? 😊

The funny thing for me is that I can relate to some of your points regarding working in a bigger company, too!
It's just the subjects of the requests that change, but you get similar questions in a bigger company.
Let me give you some examples:

When there is budget involved, there is always this one person that tries to connect to you on a personal level to get their "small" requests done outside of the budget.
Like, don't I have anything else to do in my free time?

When you have clients over year, they tend to ask for "small" favors just like collegues that can turn out to be a huge amount of work.

The "you should have position X by now" thing is also very common. Most of the time it comes from people that are entitled to promote them to this position and the people that are being told this seem to totally forget to just ask them right afterwards. It's the magic of rhetoric.

There are also those very urgent tasks that pop up and need solutions that you are tempted to run to when a collegue asks you for help.

So once you got your full tech job, be prepared to just have different problems 😅

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/*Sharkie*/ Author

But hey, once I get there I'll have plenty of the skills for it. 😂

Thanks for your insights, they're super helpful to read!