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Discussion on: Simplify code by promisifying `setTimeout`

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I've used more timers less than 1 second or timeouts like 1.5 seconds

What's the problem with sleep(1.5)? I still find that more natural than sleep(1500)

Plus its so standard

No it's not. C uses seconds, the linux command-line program sleep also uses seconds... There's lots of examples out there and milliseconds is far from common.

The only two differences are:

  1. Seconds are the SI base unit.
  2. Seconds are within the orders of magnitude that humans can perceive.

I'd say both of those are clearly benefits of using seconds.

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PuruVJ Author

Well, you have a point.

However having seconds measurement in a language that puts milliseconds as first class citizens would incur the cost of context switching.

Thanks for the info

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The context switching is precisely why I want this. If you're dealing with seconds in the backend but have to constantly switch to thinking in milliseconds for the frontend code, that's mental work I could spend thinking about the actual code.