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What problems are you having on Upwork? I just wrote a post that speaks to this A fluff-free guide to pre-freelancing

I found most people fail on Upwork because they don't know how to navigate it all too well when starting off. What is your current process?

I had/have huge success on Upwork and coached some peers into the same success, let me know if you need some help! It's pretty easy after you land that first client.


My current process is to look for jobs within my skillset i.e. iOS/Android development. I am still a full time student so I look for projects that I think I can tackle in 1-2 months and then I write a cover letter citing my relevant experience working on similar projects to the one I am applying for. I would love to talk strategy with you if you are open to it!


I don't mind talking strategy, send me a dm on Twitter. Also take a look at my last post as it may answer some questions then we can go from there!

Throw me a follow back on twitter when you get the chance so it will let me send my DM. Thanks Darryl

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