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Dashiell Bark-Huss

Hi, I'm Dash. I'm currently on my 65th day of #100daysofcode. I had a small amount of coding experience before #100daysofcode, but I'm definitely much more comfortable now that I'm serious about my daily coding routine.

My main focus right now is front end web dev, but in the past I tried my hand at ruby on rails, swift, and arduino. In the future I'm interested in learning full stack dev, progressive web apps, react native, and machine learning.

I joined because I'm trying to figure out how I can give my time to code newbies who need help one-on-one. While stackoverflow is great, I found it intimidating as a newbie and really was looking for one-on-one interactions. But I was often afraid to ask for help thinking I'd waste others' time or look stupid. I would love to help create more opportunities for people to get and provide help. I want to encourage others' to rid their fears of asking for or offering help.