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Discussion on: Explain WebSockets like I'm five

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Dave Blythe (he/him)

Well done (including the responders)!
As a junior dev, there's a ton of buzzwords out there that seem to live right at the very edge of understanding. Like... I've always had a somewhat vague concept of what a web socket would need to do to be called a web socket (and suddenly I'm talking like I'm five!)... but would not be able to accurately describe web sockets using complete sentences (and I'm finding that hand gestures and facial expressions aren't much help, either).

This gives me a solid 'metaphor' framed in something nice and concrete and warm that I'm better able to retain. Being a very visual person, I can admit to having struggles early on trying to 'visualize' some of the abstractions I needed to work with, simply because I couldn't 'see' the data structure (electrical/mechanical background) involved.

Our Lead/Architect (and a great mentor) used to go above and beyond with me (I carried a small whiteboard to his desk, sneaker-net style)... taking time to draw out the tougher bits.

I'm LOVIN' this "Five Year old" series!

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