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Super Fast Prototyping with Grails Tutorial Available

One of the greatest benefits of the Grails framework is how it allows you to put together a Proof Of Concept(POC) or a web app prototype in such a short period time.

In a current world where there is lots of focus on UI frameworks and microservice architectures, sometimes, you just need to build something quickly without worrying about different front and backend layers.

Grails allows you to build apps fast, but with the benefit of sitting on top of the most robust Java-based libraries in existence, Spring, Hibernate, etc. etc.

In this tutorial, you'll see how to build a simple CRM backed by a H2 in-memory database, prepopulating itself with 1000 fictitious records.

The user is provided with basic CRUD screens, create, edit, and a rich Datatables based list screen to allow filtering, sorting and ajax driven paging of the customer records.

Download full source on github Download the full source on github

and Read the full tutorial

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