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How is WSL with inotify events these days? I last tried it (like you, piecing it together from a half-dozen inaccurate blogs) about a year ago and was unimpressed.

It's great in principal to be able to run Node and a modern front end stack on the virtual machine, and edit files from windows in VSC. But if saving a file in VSC doesn't notify the Node tasks on WSL that anything has happened, that's basically 90% of the fluidity of any node-based workflow down the toilet.


So I only set this up myself a week or so ago, and my experience making apps is minimal - I am still very much learning more than doing. However, I was able to find this blog post by Microsoft confirming inotify support at the end of 2016, and the only github issues open that I could find were around the same timeframe and are now closed. From this evidence, I would guess it works well, but I'll be sure to keep this post up to date with any big issues I encounter.

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