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re: As someone who has never had a programming job, but is considering the possibility, this post gives me a huge sense of relief. A lot of times, fro...

Identifying the companies that are able to help their employees in the ways this article suggests, is an important skill. In that section of the interview where they ask if you've got any questions, arm yourself with a probing set of questions about how they support their employees. Such as:

  • what induction process exists
  • if there is a mentoring system
  • how employees can expect to be taught new ideas/concepts
  • what percentage of work time is expected to be billable/productive
  • training budgets etc

Some employers don't have the answers and depending on your situation or expectations this isn't necessarily a bad thing. But just be aware of what you're getting into. Not all companies can afford (or believe they can't afford) to support staff as thoroughly as they'd like and not all will willingly admit to this.

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