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Dave Follett
Dave Follett

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2019 Self Improvement Plan

Before last year, I had not put together an improvement plan for myself for at least 10 years. Putting down my thoughts on how to get better as a developer really did help. While I didn’t do all the things I set out to do, I did make progress towards last year’s general theme of putting myself out there more:

✔️️ Started a blog to work on my technical writing
✔️ Attended several local meetups
✔️ Was interviewed by The Cynical Developer Podcast about Code Reviews
✔️ Contributed to a couple open source projects
✔️ Completed Wes Bos’s #JavaScript30 course

However, I did miss the mark in some other areas by not doing the following:

😢 Didn’t take Wes Bos’s CSS Grid course
😢 Fell short meeting my Codewars goal
😢 Didn’t create a bot for slack or twitter

Overall, I’m still quite 😀 and this year I’m planning to do more and expand my goals to also cover some non-developer areas of my life. Also, last year I kept my plan to myself. This year I’m going to make it public in an effort to help keep me on track.

Personal Health

  • Lose 25 lbs
  • Stop drinking pop but mainly stop drinking diet coke
  • Reduce coffee consumption to 2 to 3 cups a day and only drink it before 12pm
  • Go to the doctor for a physical
  • Train and run 2 5k races


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Sung M. Kim

This is quite inspiring.
Thanks for making your commitment open 🙌