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Discussion on: PostCSS with CSS Modules and React

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Dave Irvine Author • Edited

So styleName comes from the babel-plugin-react-css-modules plugin. Stolen from their docs:

However, there are several several disadvantages of using CSS modules this way:

  • You have to use camelCase CSS class names.
  • You have to use styles object whenever constructing a className.
  • Mixing CSS Modules and global CSS classes is cumbersome.
  • Reference to an undefined CSS Module resolves to undefined without a warning.

Using babel-plugin-react-css-modules:

  • You are not forced to use the camelCase naming convention.
  • You do not need to refer to the styles object every time you use a CSS Module.
  • There is clear distinction between global CSS and CSS modules, e.g.
<div className='global-css' styleName='local-module'></div>
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