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Discussion on: Strive to be known for how you made people feel and not what you've done

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dAVE Inden Author

Thanks for sharing! I think we are more aligned actually. I by no means consider myself a super confident developer. Even in the support work I was doing I still had to work hard to get results. I have the same experience with people generally liking to work with me or be around me without my having to try hard or really at all. It’s pretty easy for me to be nice and respectful to people. I worked really hard at lots of other more technical things. This is what got me thinking about this idea in the first place. When I was leaving I expected people to call out specific work I did, but instead I got notes on how I made people feel happy. At first, it was weird, but I eventually came to see it was a much bigger impact that I had made than any specific work I could have done.