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re: Now, all of that said, I love the idea from a personal productivity and effectiveness angle 😍 I've thought many thoughts about ways to encode more ...

Thanks so much for the thoughtful response. I love this. I agree that from the often used features of git the timestamps will change frequently. Like most things with working on a team a workflow would need to be agreed upon so that any kind of baseline could be established.
I also really like taking a step back to look at it from a couple of angles. Personal or individual productivity measuring is super hard and there is so much that is difficult or impossible to measure in any meaningful way. The process of measuring often is so much work in itself it takes away, or at least feels like it does, from one being productive.
This is a great example of the many ways work can be measured and the importance of a team of people agreeing on how that measuring is done and what is measured when determining how to be effective at their work.

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