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Nice article!

I've been investigating similar functionality recently, and wrapped up shared stores into a class-based format, that works in Vue 2, 3 and Nuxt and supports state, getters, watches, actions (methods) and inheritance:


The library is a single decorator that allows you to use a single interface (classes) and returns you a working store in Vue 2 (as a new Vue) or Vue 3 (using the Reactivity API).

Check the docs for provide/inject example and demos for working code:



Nice work, looks amazing 👍

One idea: add an example on how to use it as a plugin...or publish a plugin also in the package


Thanks! Can you expand on that?

Just an example on the Readme on how to use it with the app instances use method. app.use(store)

There's no use per-se, you just create the models and use them where you need them.

If you want a "global" style example, either import as needed or use inject exactly as you have (example code in the README):


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