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Discussion on: Why are we moving away from the Transform connector (Liquid Templates) in Azure Logic Apps?

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David Burg

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Lately Logic App has been the main contributor to DotLiquid on GitHub.

Yes we do take the DotLiquid NuGet build in Logic App. I'm not certain what was happening back when this blog was written, we do now work with DotLiquid NuGet packages. We even fixed the package built in the DotLiquid repo as it broke when old built tech certificate expired in June 2020.

There are multiple deviations and gaps between DotLiquid implementation and Shopify specification for Liquid. We have contributed more tests and GitHub issues to the open source project for that. DotLiquid could benefit of additional contributors to fix the deviations and fill the gaps - and in turn your open source contribution would make it to Azure Logic Apps.