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Discussion on: Is my host fast yet?

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David Faber

Well... Yes and no.... Yes, WordPress does have reasonable overhead for simple requests, if not optimized.
But that should rather slow down hosters which are NOT specialized in WP than the ones that are specialized.
WPEngine for example is quite far up that list (#5) and they also specialize in WP-Hosting but obviously give you a fair amount of optimization out of the box (Just a wild guess).

Still... Interesting to see.

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Lucas Bustamante • Edited on

Indeed, WPEngine ranks well in that list.

I know from personal experience that Siteground provides excellent optimization out of the box for WordPress websites. Automattic, being the creator of WordPress, probably does, too.

Cached WordPress can be pretty fast, but I was guessing Github, which tops the list, would serve some kind of pre-compiled HTML, which is what WordPress would end up doing, too, but with a small overhead - just a wild guess, too

But anyway, WPEngine in 5th is a though fact to sustain my arguments.

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David Faber

And you're right. I think GitHub Pages are ment, which only support static pages. I guess what makes the difference is the use of a cdn.