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Discussion on: How did you decide on what you wanted to do?

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David J Eddy

"...I'm not sure I'm ready to go even deeper..." Then you already know that path is not the one you want right now.

The great thing about tech is there are so many paths. Not to derail the question, which is very legitimate, but I like to look at questions from different angles.

Why are worried about the path? Find what you are a) good at b) enjoy and c) can pay the bills with. Everything else is extra.

The answer the question of how did I find my way? I wanted to make a website, PHP was the most approachable (Visual Studio was/is very expensive). So I built a the entire thing front to back. Found I was good at it and easily grasped the abstract concepts involved in system integrations. 20 years later I've been a professional for nearly a decade and for the most part go home at the end of the day and general feel ok about what I did that day.