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Discussion on: Gitote, two weeks after

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David J Eddy

Thank you for the review Erwan. I too say the original post and was curious of Gitote.

As for the grammar:

  • "It is new and open source" That is two points. New != Open Source AND Open Source != New (see Linux Kernel).
  • "..., so simple and so easy to understand,..." It sounds better as "..., it is (referring to the UI) so simple and so easy to understand. (full stop period)"
  • "... I forgot to mention that I am remote intern at Gitote but I said all the things I thought about it good or bad...." Typically interest conflicts are stated at the beginning of an article to inform the reader of your (possible) conflict of interest.

Overall though, nice article.

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Erwan ROUSSEL Author

Thank for this reply, I'll edit my post to fix those little errors.