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Hey, we're working on xstate: - a library for declaratively making state machines and statecharts that not only reduces the complexity of your application behavior, but can also automatically generate tests and visualize app state!

Here's my presentation at React Rally discussing the overall concepts and introducing xstate:
Recent slides and use cases for statecharts:
Used in React, via React-Automata:

And a (beta) visualizer!

It's currently being used in projects such as Gatsby, and, and quite a few others! I'd love for people to help contribute documentation, as well as help to add features, fix bugs (there aren't many at all, actually), and create sample projects.

I'm excited about the future of this project because it has foundation in decades worth of software modeling research (statecharts were first introduced in 1987) and has applications in all types of projects, especially user interfaces. There's a huge potential for these ideas to greatly simplify application complexity in a robust, visual way.

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